Brazil DST Rules for 2007

Jesper Norgaard Welen jnorgard at
Mon Mar 5 21:47:39 UTC 2007

According to traditional management of DST in Brazil, the government doesn't
issue a decree about the DST start for the next period until
September-October. Therefore anything before an official decree is just
guesswork. I don't think October is a bad guess (similar to 2005,
which was not an election year I think), but First Sunday of November
(applied in 2006) is also a good guess - we shouldn't change forth and back
between different guesses until the official decree is issued.
If Steffen Thorsen has some hidden aces up the sleeve (
with more official information, certainly we would like to hear about it.
But I doubt it, again based on Brazilian politics. If Amar Devegowda has
some more authoritative information than the two links below, we would like
to hear about it.
- Jesper


From: Amar Devegowda [mailto:ADEVEGOW at] 
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To: Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E]
Subject: Brazil DST Rules for 2007
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Hi Arthur, 

This is Amar Devegowda from IBM India Software Labs. 
It has been brought to our notice that the DST rules provided in Olsen Time
Zone Database and actual DST rules in Brazil for year 2007 and beyond are

In 2007, as per the Olsen the DST starts on the first Sunday that comes on
or after November 1st.   However, the actual DST rule states that the DST
starts on Oct 21st in 2007.   Here are a couple of web sites that show these
new DST rules upto 2009. 

Hence, could you please update the time zone database with the new rules for
Brazil in 2007 and beyond at the earliest ? 


Amar Devegowda
Java L3 Support for Windows, 
Java Technology Center,
IBM India Software Labs,
Bangalore, India
Telephone 91-80-25094151 

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