Brazil DST Rules for 2007

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Hi Steffen,

Does this mean that the DST start and end dates provided on for year 2007 and onwards are tentative and this will 
be changed as and when it will be changed by Brazil Govt ?


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Re: Brazil DST Rules for 2007

Jesper Norgaard Welen wrote:
 > If Steffen Thorsen has some hidden aces up the sleeve
 > ( <>) with more official
 > information, certainly we would like to hear about it. But I doubt it,
 > again based on Brazilian politics. If Amar Devegowda has some more
 > authoritative information than the two links below, we would like to
 > hear about it.

Unfortunately no - but soon there will be footnotes on 
for dates that are tentative and likely to change (Brazil will end up 
with footnotes frequently...)

Best regards,
Steffen /

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