FW: DST Law Changes in USA - State of Wisconsin

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Subject: DST Law Changes in USA - State of Wisconsin


While examining the OpenBSD 3.9 patch changes for the recent US DST switch, I noted the _previously_ accurate statement regarding Wisconsin's non-standard 1 AM switch time. A snippit of the patch text is replicated at the end of this message.

Firstly, I must applaud y'all for reflecting this exception to Federal standards.

Secondly, I'm writing to alert you to the fact that the State of Wisconsin has enacted (nearly eleventh-hour) legislation to get WI Statue 175 closer in synch with the US Congress' intent in passing the Uniform Time Act of 1966 PL 89-387.

Wisconsin 07 Act 3 in fact changed the DST times to coincide with 15USC260-267. This Act was signed into Law on March 6, 2007. 

Please see 
for verification.

This Act not only modified Wisconsin Statutes 175.095 to Standardize time, but also modified § 125 to keep the Tavern League and Law Enforcement all happy. "Ein Prosit!"

Finally, I'd like to note that it may be worthwhile for impacted users to lobby the Badger state to pass even simpler legislation: just declare Wisconsin to be in the "US Central" timezone (90th Meridian) and declare its acceptance of any USA Federal laws which modify date or time Standards. This will save everybody from needing to pass enabling State legislation on any subsequent occasions if Federal Laws are changed.

Douglas R. Bomberg
a0duspoc at ExecPC.Com

---- Now Erroneous Timezone codesnip:
+# From Larry M. Smith (2006-04-26) re Wisconsin:
+# http://www.legis.state.wi.us/statutes/Stat0175.pdf ...
+# is currently enforced at the 01:00 time of change. Because the local
+# "bar time" in the state corresponds to 02:00, a number of citations
+# are issued for the "sale of class 'B' alcohol after prohibited
+# hours" within the deviated hour of this change every year....

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