FW: Changes to New Zealand TZ rules for 2007+

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Hi there
Thanks for your wonder TZ database, it's a real, um, time saver!

Here are the changes I gleaned from this article: 
http://tvnz.co.nz/view/page/411368/1088906.  I hope I have got the rules
Unfortunately I cannot yet locate an official document stating the
changes, but maybe you may be able to?

File: australasia, New Zealand section
Rule    NZ    1990    2006    -    Oct    Sun>=1    2:00s    1:00    D

      (end date changed)
Rule    Chatham    1990    2006    -    Oct    Sun>=1    2:45s    1:00

 D      (end date changed)
Rule    NZ    1990    2007    -    Mar    Sun>=15    2:00s    0    S   
   (end date changed)
Rule    Chatham    1990    2007    -    Mar    Sun>=15    2:45s    0   
 S      (end date changed)
Rule    NZ    2007    max    -    Sep    lastSun    2:00s    1:00    D

Rule    Chatham    2007    max    -    Sep    lastSun    2:45s    1:00

 D      (added)
Rule    NZ    2008    max    -    Apr    Sun>=1    2:00s    0    S      
Rule    Chatham    2008    max    -    Apr    Sun>=1    2:45s    0   
 S      (added)

I have assumed the DST changes relate to both NZ and the Chathams and
have updated the table to match, but can't verify this.

Kind regards

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