Position of rules definitions

Liviu Nicoara nicoara at roguewave.com
Thu May 3 14:51:46 UTC 2007

Brian S O'Neill wrote:
> The current tz parsers seem to go quite fast, so it doesn't seem worth 
> the trouble to optimize the format. Also keep in mind that the O(logN) 
> searches don't need to exist, as hashtables are often used instead to 
> manage symbols. This optimization is used by one and two pass parsers.
> Since the full set of tz rules is fairly small, the parser can read all 
> the rules in memory and process them there. The biggest cost is disk I/O 
> for the first pass, and the second pass is just in memory and costs 
> nothing in comparison.
> I'm not too sure how zic works, but the tz parser I wrote does 
> everything I described above.

I guess Arthur previously settled it on the grounds of compatibility 
with user-defined data. :-)

Works for me.


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