tzcode2007f.tar.gz and tzdata2007f.tar.gz

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Wed May 16 18:20:53 UTC 2007

I have not received any emails since 5/8/2007 from the listserver.  It's
kind of unusual to NOT have a few generated to the group every day.  So,
could you check to see if my email is being left off the distribution


Phil Guerra
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Subject: tzcode2007f.tar.gz and tzdata2007f.tar.gz

The files...
...are now available. These reflect the data changes circulated last
week on the time zone mailing list by Paul Eggert (including Haiti,
Turks and Caicos, and New Zealand). They also reflect changes to zic.c
to allow hour values greater than 24 (along with Paul's improved time
value overflow checking).


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