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On 5/30/07, Paul Eggert <eggert at> wrote:
> A much bigger example is Asia/Calcutta.  "Calcutta" is still somewhat
> more popular than "Kolkata" in English, according to Google, but the
> margin is much closer.
> There's no hurry, but I have been thinking of changing it to
> Asia/Delhi.  These days Delhi is a bit larger than Calcutta/Kolkata
> anyway.  And nobody is messing with Delhi's spelling.  Yet.

I am an ex-Delhi resident, and one who still has family there.  There are
calls to rename the city "Dilli", which is how it is pronounced phonetically
locally, and written in Hindi.  I have not seen any official moves on this,
yet, but I am afraid it may not be long.  The pressure to prove that we
Dilli-walas are as anti-colonial as our neighbours is hard to resist.

I would have suggested Asia/Allahabad, being the official standard (I
believe) of IST, but there are issues here, too.  Some locals wish it
renamed "*Ilāhābād*", being the phonetic spelling, and others want it to be
Prayag, which is the older (Hindu) name of the spot.

I am new on this list, just wanted to muddy the waters with too much info

Sanjeev "ghane" Gupta
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