Alf Salte alf.salte at comvie.no
Wed Oct 3 13:12:24 UTC 2007

Should probably clarify that my comments regarding the code for timezone
handling refers to the glibc implementation of timezone handling and
glibc implmenetaiton of tzset().

After checking your code I see that your implementation varies from the
one in glibc and so my question should probably be directed to glibc
rather than at your tz package.

Hope this clarifies my earlier comments.

My questions are still such that I would like answers to them. How much
work would it be to make an implementation that did something along the
lines as described in my earlier mail?

Looking at your code you appear to have a struct state that appear to
contain the data which I described in my timezone_t type. Is that a
correct understanding or are their details here that I have


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