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Subject: Setting time zone in c language

I have a GUI interface ,where in user selects the Area (for ex: Africa) and Zone name(for ex: Cairo).How do i map this /etc/TZ file,as there will be different Area and Zone
to be set.Is there any functions in "C' which would solve my issue or any other method ?
I found that uClibc uses /etc/TZ to set the time zone it does not use /etc/localtime nor does it understand the timezone data .so will changing UCLIBC_TZ_FILE_PATH it to /etc/localtime in uClibc-0.9.29.config file will solve my issue??
how do I map this to /etc/localtime so as to set a valid timezone.
The procedure I tried is :
ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Africa/Cairo /etc/localtime.
alternatively I find that executing echo CET-1DST >/etc/TZ does work.
Please update me on how to solve this issue in C program ( for ex: Take Africa/Cairo as input and convert to its respective daylight saveing time as above ) 
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