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Marek Hajduczenia marek_haj at 2com.pl
Tue Dec 23 07:41:53 UTC 2008

Hi Paul,
Thank You for the answer. 
GMT-12 hrs would resolve the problem since I need to track time and day. It is critical since the ballots close e.g. xx.xx.2009 at 11.59 AOE, so that way I can trace what day and what hour is in Howland Island time zone. 
If Howland Island is not a good location, please add simply GMT-12 and provide the name as AOE (Anywhere On Earth reference). Is that possible ?
Marek Hajduczenia

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> I am writing to You with a small request. Is it possible to add one
> location to time zone data base app i.e. Howland Island (see:
>  http://www.worldtimezone.com/time/wtzresult.php?CiID=42242). It is
> used heavily in IEEE ballots as the Anywhere On Earth time locator and
> it would be nice to have. Me and my colleagues use various plugins
> which in turns use this data base for reference and currently this
> location is not available. I do realize that this is not an inhabited
> island though there is some point of merit in adding it to the
> list. Alternatively, adding any location which has GMT-12 hrs would be
> of use, no matter what the name is. It would be most useful for IEEE
> community (I am speaking here as its member only).  

Would TZ='Etc/GMT+12' solve your problem?

As far as we know, Howland was using Hawaii War Time (9.5 hours behind
UTC) the last time that it was inhabited, so I'm afraid it's not a good
representative for the zone that is 12 hours behind UTC.

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