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>  | I'm seeing what I hope is correct behavior here on the mother system
> (see below).
> There was a brief exchange on this in messages which (due to my
> managing to forget the correct address for the list) never made it.
> The message below I think includes everything that needs to be said
> about this (unless someone wants to comment on Linux GUI's...)

Here's a thought about the UI -- what language is it written in?

If it is Java, then Java stores the time zone information in its own files,
separately from everyone and everything else.  Consequently, it could be
erroneous because out of date.  (Frankly, that is a *bad* decision by Java.
Or, if necessary - and there are some mitigating factors, though I still
think it is a bad decision - then it needs to be possible to update the
relevant part of Java independently of the rest of the product.)

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