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As a result of the above Decree I believe the America/Rio_Branco timezone
shall be modified from UTC-5 to UTC-4 and a new timezone shall be created to
represent the the west side of the Para State. I suggest this new timezone
be called Santarem as the most important/populated city in the affected

This new timezone would be the same as the Rio_Branco timezone up to the
2008/06/24 change which would be to UTC-3 instead of UTC-4.


Rodrigo Severo

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> Subject: Time zone changes in Brazil
> Hi,
> I'm Paul Schulze, working in Brazil for an american Telecom company.
> This is just to inform you that by law number 11.662 of April 24, 2008
> (published in the "Diário Oficial da União"
> https://www.in.gov.br/imprensa/jsp/jsp/jornaiscompletos/visualizacao/pdf/visualiza_pdf.jsp?jornal=do&secao=1&pagina=01&data=25/04/2008)
> in Brazil there are changes in the timezones, effective today (00:00am at
> June 24, 2008) as follows:
> a) The timezone UTC+5 is estinguished, with all the Acre state and the part
> of the Amazonas state that had this timezone now being put to the timezone
> UTC+4
> b) The whole Pará state now is put at timezone UTC+3, instead of just part
> of it, as was before.
> This change follows a proposal of senator Tião Viana of Acre state, that
> proposed it due to concerns about open television channels displaying
> programs inappropriate to youths in the states that had the timezone UTC+5
> too early in the night. In the occasion, some more corrections were
> proposed, trying to unify the timezones of any given state. This change
> modifies timezone rules defined in decree 2.784 of 18 June, 1913.
> Thanks,
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