Change of timezone City for India

Goldwyn Rodrigues rgoldwyn at
Thu Jun 26 09:23:06 UTC 2008


I am not sure how the timezone city for India is addressed as Kolkatta
(formerly known as Calcutta, and listed in timezone as Calcutta), but
this has been the case since I started using Linux, and don't know the
reason of the city being used.

India has only one timezone. I woulid like to suggest to change the
city to Delhi (from Calcutta), which is the capital of India, and has
been stable since the country's independence in 1947. If your criteria
is the most populous city, it would be Mumbai (formerly Bombay).

Delhi being the capital, is also closer to Allahabad (actually
Mirzapur), which is the city used for the official meridian, and Delhi
is also the site of National Physical Laboratory, which is used for
time keeping. For more details


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