DST Implementation in Pakistan from 1st June-31August 2008

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven asmodai at in-nomine.org
Thu May 29 13:05:55 UTC 2008


The best I could find thus far (I am sure that people speaking Urdu might do


DST starts on 1st of June


"The federal cabinet has decided that all markets in the country will close
by 9pm and clocks will be moved forward by an hour (GMT+6) from June 1 till
the end of August to save energy during the peak summer season."


"He highlighted that the government was working to install new power
generation on war footing, which would take some time and added that
cooperation of the people to this effect would be required to conserve
energy for 90 days (fist June to 31st August 2008) to help reducing of
quantum of load shedding."


"He said the government was working to install new power generation plants
on a “war footing”, adding that load shedding could only be reduced for the
next 90 days (June 1 to August 31) through the co-operation of the people."


"The cabinet also revived the policy to advance the watches by one hour for
three months from June 1 to take advantage of the daylight."

I cannot find any concrete pointer that says it will end on this day at this
time. One source I've seen says that it is expected to end at the end of
August. Of course, they could easily extend it.

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