Geographical extent of some tz timezones

Eric Muller emuller at
Tue Sep 9 06:30:19 UTC 2008

Martin Jerabek wrote:
> The Ukraine has only one time zone, UTC+2 (+ daylight saving time):
> Where did you get the information that it had four time zones? 

Time zones in the tz sense, which include history. You are right that 
all four time zones now have the same GMT offset and DST transitions, 
but it has not always been the case in the past, hence the four tz 

The descriptions in the "europe" file are:

# Most of Ukraine since 1970 has been like Kiev.
Zone Europe/Kiev   ...

# Ruthenia used CET 1990/1991.
Zone Europe/Uzhgorod   ...

# Zaporozh'ye and eastern Lugansk oblasts observed DST 1990/1991.
Zone Europe/Zaporozhye  ...

# Central Crimea used Moscow time 1994/1997.
Zone Europe/Simferopol    ...

My problem is that "Ruthenia", "eastern Lugansk oblast" and "Central 
Crimea" are a bit vague in geographical terms. I am looking for a more 
precise description, preferably in terms of the current administrative 
divisions (including something more precise than "eastern" Lugansk 
oblast, which I would expect could be done in terms of rayons in that 


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