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On June 1/2007 I sent you a link to my KML/KMZ time zone map for Canada.
That link is now dead.

The most recent copy of my map can be found here:

You need Google Earth to view the map.
If you don't have Google Earth, here is the link.  The software is free and it only takes a minute or two to install it.
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Subject: Kwajalein/Majuro division and others

Thanks for the feedback Eric, I appreciate it.

============ Eric Muller wrote  =========================================
I spot-checked a few things, and thought you would like to know:

- it seems that the polygon for the south east corner of British Columbia is missing (at least, I don't have it in OpenJump)
- I don't see the equivalent of the Australia/Eucla timezone
- I think the Kwajelein timezone is at most the Kwajelein atoll (and at least those islands of the atoll that are leased by the US), and your zone seems to include islands from other atolls (Maloelap, Erikub, Wotje, Ailuk)

I think everything is OK in the south east corner of British Columbia - how do you spot it is missing? There are timezone shapes for Cranbrook (which is probably what you refer to) and Creston, apart from Dawson Creek to the north-west, and Lloydminster in the Saskatchewan area, all independent timezones.

You are right about Eucla. The city is there in World Time Explorer, with correct timezone information, but I never created a shape for Eucla since I don't know the extension of it. Do you have any authoritative info (or even hear-say)?

The Kwajalein question is interesting (as the teacher says when he doesn't know the answer). I have no authoritative information about this, so it is quite probable that you have found one or several errors. Wikipedia divides the Marshall Islands in the Ratak Chain (Sunrise Eastern) and Ralik Chain (Sunset, Western). Majuro is part of the former, and Kwajalein of the latter, but I'm not sure if geographic/administrative regions can be directly related to timezones, so that everything in one Chain belongs to that timezone (that would certainly be an easy solution, probably too easy). In that case you are right that Maloelap, Erikub, Wotje, Ailuk all should belong to the Majuro timezone - it would also mean the following additional changes

>From Majuro timezone to Kwajalein timezone: Ailingalap, Namorik, Jabwot, Namu,

>From Kwajalein timezone to Majuro timezone: Bikar.

============ Eric Muller wrote  =========================================
You may want to check the licensing terms of your source data. I don't really understand the practices for maps, but I suspect your map is a derived work, and that you don't have complete freedom for the licensing terms.

You might be right about this. At least the base world map was part of the ESRI shapefile collection, and thus have a license attached, so that derived works can be made and used, but would not give complete licensing freedom. I think I have worked quite a lot to create added (timezone) value to the map, but the consideration exists.

- Jesper Nørgaard Welen

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