Hermosillo timezone

Rui Lopes rgl at ruilopes.com
Sat Sep 27 09:03:29 UTC 2008

Jesper Norgaard Welen wrote:
> To David Hancock
> The offset is wrong for the airport MMHO Hermosillo in your data 
> because you encoded it wrongly as America/Chihuahua, while it should 
> be America/Hermosillo. You had a typo in the email which spelled it 
> Hermisillo, I don't know if that is a simple typo when sending or it 
> was the root of the problem. Hermosillo is in the state of Sonora, 
> which is the only state in Mexico that does not use Daylight Saving.

Do you have the URL for those mappings between airport code and TZ code?

Best regards,
Rui Lopes

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