Hermosillo timezone

Eric Muller emuller at adobe.com
Sun Sep 28 16:34:24 UTC 2008

Rui Lopes wrote:
> the tz table is from your shapefile at http://efele.net/maps/tz/world/ ?

That's one, but Jesper has another one (and we are trying to reconcile 
our logical differences). Anything that matches a tzid with a geometry 
should be appropriate.
> By map you mean the TZ map from your shapefile?
Yes, same as above.
> Can you elaborate a bit about the buffering and intersection?   (I'm
> starting to enter into the GIS world, so I don't yet known the lingo).

Buffering is "growing" a geometry by some fixed amount; think adding a 
ring around a polygon. So to test if a point is within a geometry, and 
to account for errors, you can try to test if a ring around the point 
intersects with the geometry. The size of the ring should be determined 
from the precision of the maps.


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