24:00 versus 23:59:59--another possibility

Tim Thornton tt at smartcomsoftware.com
Tue Apr 28 14:59:36 UTC 2009

As one who doesn't use zic, my preference is to do it "properly" with 24:00
- but other non-zic based users may have problems with this.
Perhaps the best thing is to use 24:00 but to comment it forusers of old zic
releases or other users for whom this causes a problem?

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Yet another possibility is to add a special case to zic to treat instances
of 23:59:59 as if they were 24:00; this lets us use 23:59:59 in input files
to make pre-1998 versions of zic happy and to get correct-to-the-second
results out of post-2009 versions of zic.


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