24:00 versus 23:59:59--insights?

Garrett Wollman wollman at csail.mit.edu
Tue Apr 28 16:02:21 UTC 2009

<<On Tue, 28 Apr 2009 07:50:02 -0400, "Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E]" <olsona at dc37a.nci.nih.gov> said:

> There are a few places with rules such as "... lastFri 0:00 ..." that
> should be "... lastThu 24:00 ..."
> One possibility is to rewrite the rules that way; doing so buys error
> messages from pre-1998 versions of zic.

Let me add my voice to the chorus that says those still using
eleven-year-old versions of zic deserve to lose.  And let us not
forget that that the compiled file format is backward-compatible, so
even if these users have ancient systems that they can't replace, they
can compile the data files on a newer machine and copy the zones they
need to their older device.


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