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What Clive said.  
It's 4am here and I wasn't thinkin' clearly.  Thanks Clive.
Cliff Hancuff
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CHancuff at said:
> Edwin, some years ago there was talk of  forming a sub-group of this 
>  list to tie down the loose  ends to make this data register-able.  Since 
> all  tzcode is  derived from public domain, the only copyrightable part 
of it 
> would  be  it, as a collective work.

Not so - there is a difference  between copyright on facts (doesn't exist)
and copyright on the way those  facts are expressed (does exist). So the
specific format of the data is  copyrightable. So is anything that is a
guess or extrapolation.

>  To the best of my Intellectual Property Law knowledge, tzcode is   
> intrinsically in public domain,

Not a concept that exists in  my jurisdiction.

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