Where do you get time zone boundary infomation from ?

Rod Williams rodney.williams at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 15:59:56 UTC 2009

 I am a software engineer working for an avionics company. I am currently
working on a project that requires the software I will create to know the
time *any place on earth given a latitude and longitude*. Time zone
boundaries and time rules will need be *updated on a monthly basis*.

This task is proving to be very difficult. The most difficult part is
getting up to date data on for time zone boundaries. *Most of the services
and databases I have researched only give time zone information for a
particular city in that given time zone (ie. Olson Time Zone Database), I
have yet to find anything that defines the actual time zone boundaries.*

*Is there a service or database that gives up to date boundary and time
rules monthly, and has worldwide coverage?*

Thanks in advance,
Rod Williams
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