source file correction for tzdata (egypt end of daylight savings)

John Martin john.d.martin.iii at
Sat Aug 22 09:18:31 UTC 2009

I am sending some info about the end of daylight savings time for Egypt in
2009. The line for 2009 for Egypt/Cairo in 'africa' within the tzdata source
should read :

Rule    Egypt   2009    only    -       Aug     21           23:00s    0
Rule    Egypt   2010    max    -      Sep      lastThu    23:00s    0    -

The beginning of Ramadan has been used to determine the switch to standard
time. In 2009 the switch occurred on 21 August at midnight or the third
Thursday of the month. This will likely revert in 2010 to the standard time
in the last week in September.

Thanks. J

John D. Martin III
john.d.martin.iii at

+ (us)
+20.16.558.5960 (eg)
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