New home for time zone stuff by 2012?

Robert Masters RMasters at
Mon Aug 24 00:45:18 UTC 2009

As a first cut, I'd suggest moving the archives, mailing lists, data
files, and the code-base to somewhere like Sourceforge.

No doubt there will be many who will offer other alternatives, and very
good reasons not to use it, but it is a starting point for the

Plusses for Sourceforge:
+ Provides mailinglist maintenance, hosting, and archiving
+ Provides source code/data file hosting  and change management
+ Provides resources for easy migration of code/data maintainer roles
from person to person

Minuses... Uhmm.. I cannot think of any at this moment, but I have no
fear that others will rise to the challenge.

This does not address the need for someone to take over as the project
administrator, or the standards work aspect.

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Subject: New home for time zone stuff by 2012?

I'll be eligible to start drawing a pension in mid-2012. Since I'm
accustomed to slow-moving Quaker process, that makes it time to get
serious about finding a new home for time zone stuff.

There are several pieces of the puzzle (some of which haven't seen much
work of late):
	Data maintenance
	Data distribution
	Code maintenance
	Code distribution
	Mailing list maintenance
	Mailing list hosting
	Standards work (for example, tweaking POSIX TZ environment
variables so Godthab can be represented)
	Code enhancement (for example, year zero work and Julian
calendar work)

There are different types of landing place:
	Governmental organizations
	Non-governmental organizations
	Commercial entities

Everything could be moved under one new roof or different pieces might
go different places.

While I'm happy to continue time zone work in the future, I also
understand that it may be best for others to do the work.

Anyone? Bueller?


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