New home for time zone stuff by 2012?

akuster akuster at
Mon Aug 31 17:00:20 UTC 2009


I am easily confused by comments like "that a fast and flexible release
time" in the context of releases which have nothing to do with hosting.
It is a "Who" issue.

IMHO, Sourceforge and unicode both seem like viable solutions for
hosting a mailing list and ftp site. They both most likely have a
hosting support infrastructure beyond a single person.

- Armin

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven wrote:
> -On [20090831 18:45], akuster (akuster at wrote:
>> Just for clarification, the unicode offer is referring to the "where"
>> for the time zone? Hosting only, not the "Who" i.e person/group
>> maintaining the code and doing bug fixes.
> Mark has made it clear from the get go that there are projects hosted by the
> Unicode Consortium that have nothing to do with the consortium at all. They
> only provide the hosting and do not interfere in the daily matters.
> Mark, if I misunderstood, please correct me of course.

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