New home for time zone stuff by 2012?

Adam Vartanian flooey at
Mon Aug 31 19:56:58 UTC 2009

> Of the pieces of the puzzle that Arthur listed, some are not very
> problematic to transfer:
> - data distribution
> - code distribution
> - mailing list maintenance
> - mailing list hosting

In a similar vein, my feeling is that the tasks largely fall into two
categories: things that people do, and things that machines do.  I
think we should be concentrating on what person or people will be
responsible for the former set of tasks.  I feel safe in assuming that
any people who are responsible enough to handle keeping the tz project
up to date can figure out a good solution for the machine-based tasks
on their own.

My perception of how the project operates is basically the same as
Eric's: Arthur's role seems to be made up of mostly straightforward
operations that need to be handled with precision and care.
Consistency, attention to detail, and availability seem to be among
the most important traits that Arthur possesses, and I think any
replacement would need to possess as well.

- Adam

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