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Forgive me for coming in late - What exactly is the time frame for the
change... can we repost the projected change/addition?
It looks as though Shanks placed it at LMT prior to 1928, 
5.5 for Kasgar and 6 for Urumchi through 1940 
and 5 for Kashgar beginning in 1940 with Urumchi remaining at 6 through
April, 1980 when both became synchronized.  

Something in the notes suggests a 1/3 hour difference that I may have

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Given the note about how "putting ethnic labels on the time zones may be
somewhat divisive in an already very unhappy and divisive time," can
someone come up with a better approach to the Xinjiang situation than
the "first pass" sent out on the list last month? I'll hold off on
making any changes until we have something better.


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