Help With Understanding the Binary Files

Bill Seymour stdbill.h at
Wed Dec 9 20:43:00 UTC 2009

Sorry, I guess I should have searched your answers more carefully.

In your first answer, for example, the significant word is "Yes";
the rest I already knew.  Since I didn't understand why you'd
include all the rest, I wasn't sure that the "Yes" answered
the question I was asking.  I see now that it did.

As for going backwards to find the standard time, I don't think
that's valid.  Consider the following excerpts from the source
for America/Indiana/Vincennes:

	-5:00	-	EST	2006 Apr  2 2:00
	-6:00	US	C%sT	2007 Nov  4 2:00

After 02:00 on 2006 Apr 2, the standard time should be UTC-6;
but if I go to the most recent non-DST entry (the actual
previous one in this case), I get UTC-5.

And I see that I escaped too early from your third answer
as well. 8-)  My current understanding is that, if the TZ
string is POSIX-style (as evidenced by failure to open a
file of that name), and if the TZ string has no rule, then
I use the posixrules file; and only then do I worry about
the two arrays I'm asking about.  In this case, the entries
in these arrays tell me how to interpret the values in the
array of tzh_timecnt transition times.  Is that correct?



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