proposed time zone package changes

Dave Cantor Dave at
Sat Jul 11 18:07:35 UTC 2009

On 11-Jul-2009, Arthur David Olson wrote:

> Here are proposed time zone package changes, with summary information followed
> by the actual changes. If no problems are found, these will appear on the
> ftp site in nine days.
> 				--ado
> *	zic.c
> 		Do not end a binary file with a POSIX-style time zone string
> 		for locations that end up in permanent DST
> 		(thanks to Andreas Schwab).

I should have written this when Andreas Schwab first wrote his note, but I forgot to do it.

I disagree with this.  When a region does not observe DST at all, 
the POSIX string simply indicates its abbreviation and offset, 
e.g. UTC0 or EST5.   When a region observes DST all year, it's 
the same as observing the standard time of the next time zone 
eastward all year.   In my opinion, it should simply be coded 
that way.  

Please reconsider.

Dave Cantor
Groton, CT

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