tzdata mirror no longer found (in tz-link.htm)

Nathan Stratton Treadway nathanst at
Fri Jun 5 22:07:48 UTC 2009

I noticed that tz-link.htm file currently (as of the version in
tzcode2009h.tar.gz) includes a link labeled "smaller HTTP mirror" to

However, when I follow that link, the resulting page does not actually
contain any timezone-related files -- and in fact after looking around a
bit I didn't see any indication that the site still contains a separate
mirror for the "upstream" timezone database.  (Using the provided search
box to search for the word "tzdata" returned only links related to the
CentOS mirror that is hosted on the site.)

On a separate-but-related topic: I'm not sure how the
web page is normally maintained, but I noticed that while the tzcode2009h
file's version of the file contains a version stamp of "8.19", the
version posted on twinsun is only "8.15".  

I mention this especially because the page is referenced in many places
as the "home URL" of the timezone database project, so it seems like it
would be worth trying to keep it as up-to-date as possible....  

(The tz-arts.htm file on the twinsun site is also a few revions behind
the current tzcode version, for what it's worth.)


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