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Jesper Nørgaard jnorgard at
Mon Jun 15 02:37:54 UTC 2009

Bangladesh is applying DST this June. In file tzdata2009i this is
the attempt to implement it:
Rule Bang 2009 only - Jan 1 0:00 0 -
Rule Bang 2009 only - Jun 20 0:00 1:00 S
Now that doesn't make sense to me at all. Bangladesh has not had anything
close to "DST" since 1951, and then we zero-set DST January 1st. 2009? Then
after implementation of DST next Saturday we leave it dangling for the next
millenium? Probably this is really just a "typo" for
Rule Bang 2010 only - Jan 1 0:00 0 -
Rule Bang 2009 only - Jun 20 0:00 1:00 S

So Bangladesh leaves DST with year end of 2009, since we have no
authoritative information. But this is not a very good guess in my opinion,
in fact Steffen Thorsen mentions semi-authoritative information:

"On another note, Bangladesh's minister for power said earlier in 2009 that
the new timing might continue until 
the end of September. will provide an update on the DST end
date when it becomes available."
Any guess in the end of September seems better to me, or October 2009
at 0:00?
... perhaps this was why Dave Rolsky's test cases were blowing up? :)

- Jesper Nørgaard Welen
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