Last minute change for the Province of San Luis (Argentina)

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Fri Mar 13 11:03:40 UTC 2009

Mariano Absatz - El Baby escribió el 13/03/09 08:38:
> yesterday (with our usual 2-day notice) the Province of San Luis 
> decided that next Sunday instead of "staying" @utc-03:00 they will go 
> to utc-04:00 until the second Saturday in October...
> The press release is at 
> (I couldn't find the decree, but is the official 
> page for the Province Government).
> There's also a note in only one of the major national papers (La 
> Nación) at
> I'll try to write a patch to southamerica and send it right away.
The press release says:
> (...) anunció que el próximo domingo a las 00:00 los puntanos deberán 
> atrasar una hora sus relojes.
> A partir de entonces, San Luis establecerá el huso horario propio de 
> la Provincia. De esta manera, durante el periodo del calendario anual 
> 2009, el cambio horario quedará comprendido entre las 00:00 del tercer 
> domingo de marzo y las 24:00 del segundo sábado de octubre.
Quick&dirty translation
> (...) announced that next Sunday, at 00:00, Puntanos (the San Luis 
> inhabitants) will have to turn back one hour their clocks
> Since then, San Luis will establish its own Province timezone. Thus, 
> during 2009, this timezone change will run from 00:00 the third Sunday 
> in March until 24:00 of the second Saturday in October.

Attached is a patch that implements just that only for 2009, and then 
leaves the Province fixed at UTC-03:00.


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