Morocco to observe DST in 2009- link to official document

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> DST starts on July 1 at midnight - GMT+1DST ends on August 20 at 23:00I 
verified Tunisia.On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 12:32 PM, Steffen Thorsen <straen <at>> wrote:Morocco will observe DST from 2009-06-01 00:00 to 2009-
08-21 00:00 according to many sources, such 
saving.html (French)
> Our summary:
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Here is a link to official document from Royaume du Maroc Premier Ministre, 
Ministère de la Modernisation des Secteurs Publics 

Under Article 1 of Royal Decree No. 455-67 of Act 23 safar 1387 (2 june 1967) 
concerning the amendment of the legal time, the Ministry of Modernization of 
Public Sectors 
announced that the official time in the Kingdom will be advanced 60 minutes 
from Sunday 31 May 2009 at midnight.

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