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I have a php script that takes the compiled timzone file and produces a report you might find useful.  I have not published it yet, it was a project from long ago that I lost the need for so the page has not been kept up to date, but the program there  works and may meet your need. 

For example, if I give it the 2008b timezone file for new york and ask for 1991 to 2037, I get a table with:

Entry for timezone file
New_York (1267 bytes)
For 1991 through 2037
The second after          is
Apr 07, 1991 02:59:59 EDT 03:00 EDT
Oct 27, 1991 01:59:59 EDT 01:00 EST
Apr 05, 1992 01:59:59 EST 03:00 EDT
Nov 01, 2037 01:59:59 EDT 01:00 EST

The first line has an error, everything after that is correct.  The first line should have read 01:59:59 EST instead of 02:59:59 EDT.  

= Billy Bennett
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Sebastien Willemijns wrote:

>I'm looking for human readable database of future DST changes: 
changes DST 29rd March 2009 Europe/Paris 
>changes DST 29rd March 2009 and more and more...
>Do you know a software or/and online website which give me these infos 
one page ?

World Time Explorer is a program I made, it has a report for currently 512 distinct timezones with this format:

(254) Cuba, Havana (GMT-5) ® - Daylight Saving is active 17.24.00 Sunday 29. March 2009 -0400 EDT DST start : 0.00.00 Sunday 8. March 2009 -0500 EST
DST end   : 1.00.00 Sunday 25. October 2009 -0400 EDT

You can sort output on Country, City, GMT offset, original order (country+city), Daylight saving start date, daylight saving end date, or ISO 3-letter country code.
Also it is possible to format the date/time format as you want. You will get one entry for each state above for some countries though, even they are not different this year, in other words has same GMT offset and same start and end date.

It is 30-days shareware however, and making this report for other years than 1950 and current year requires a license. But your basic needs should be covered for free. Note that it only runs in Windows. Download from

Regards, Jesper Nørgaard Welen

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