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Excellent!  How do I get this function to read the file a visitor
uploads, instead of just providing the information from php's separate
implementation of the zoneinfo data? I didn't think that was possible,
so I used the routines I wrote long ago for the same purpose.

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On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Bennett, Billy wrote:

> I have a php script that takes the compiled timzone file and produces 
> a report you might find useful.  I have not published it yet, it was a

> project from long ago that I lost the need for so the page has not 
> been kept up to date, but the program there works and may meet your 
> need.

Do you realize that PHP has this information already embedded? Since PHP
5.1 we bundle a compressed/archive version of the Olson database and use
it internally for all date/timezone operations. It's quite trivial to
generate this data:

$a = new DateTimeZone( "America/New_York" ); $ts = $a->getTransitions();
var_dump( $ts ); ?>

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