License for the tzdata information

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at
Wed May 6 19:28:35 UTC 2009

>>>>> "Jesper" == Jesper Nørgaard <jnorgard at> writes:

 Jesper> Quote:
 >> Personally I'd hate for the tzcode (or data) to have any kind of
 >> licence.

 Jesper> Is there any reason we can't just state in the tzdata as well
 Jesper> as the tzcode that this data is in the public domain? Whether
 Jesper> this is equivalent with a license of copyright or not is only
 Jesper> a concern if there is a scenario we want to avoid (person X
 Jesper> claims copyright of the tz data unrightfully). I don't see
 Jesper> that happen. But I am not an IP expert. 

The problem is that the IP status of this material isn't a matter of
opinion, it's a question of fact.

If it's a work of a U.S. Government employee, then it's in the public

If it's a "sweat of the brow" compilation of public domain data, then
it also is in the public domain.

Otherwise, it is subject to copyright of the authors.  If so, then
a license can be put in place, or the material can be released into
the public domain, but that would have to be done by agreement of the

My personal guess is that the first alternative applies.  But that's a
guess, and it's not my call.  That's why I asked for an authoritative
answer -- which I believe has to come from ADO since he's the lead
contributor.   It may well be that getting this answer requires
navigating through red tape.

Arthur, is it possible to get this?  You already made the statement
"there is no license" which sounds a bit like "it's in the public
domain" but it doesn't actually say that.  If you meant public domain,
could you say so?


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