Jakarta is Indonesia West Time Not Central Time

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Tue May 12 19:04:44 UTC 2009

The "asia" file has three Indonesian time zones with 7-, 8-, and 9-hour
differences from UCT.
Jakarta is in the westernmost of the three, 7 hours different from UCT.

The challenge here is that abbreviations of English-language names are
used consistently for time zones around the globe.
For Indonesia we have abbreviations WIT (Western Indonesian Time), CIT
(Central Indonesian Time), and EIT (Eastern Indonesian Time).
Improvidently, one of these English-language abbreviations (WIT) is also
the native-language abbreviation of a different time zone.

There's been discussion on the mailing list in the past about
abbreviations; past consensus was that producing native-language
abbreviations was an internationalization matter rather than a time zone

A case could be made for translating the native time zone names  (Waktu
Indonesia Barat, Waktu Indonesia Tengah, and Waktu Indonesia Timur) into
English and using abbreviations based on the translated names.

Relevant lines from the "asia" file are excerpted below.

The good news: the translation from UCT to wall-clock time for Jakarta
should be correct.


Zone Asia/Jakarta	7:07:12 -	LMT	1867 Aug 10
			7:00	-	WIT

Zone Asia/Pontianak	7:17:20	-	LMT	1908 May
			7:00	-	WIT

Zone Asia/Makassar	7:57:36 -	LMT	1920
			8:00	-	CIT

Zone Asia/Jayapura	9:22:48 -	LMT	1932 Nov
			9:00	-	EIT

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Hello tzdata developers,

https://launchpad.net/bugs/365215 reported that tzdata currently puts
Jakarta into WIT (Indonesia Central Time), but it actually belongs into
WIB (Indonesia West Time).

It seems that
http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone.html?n=108 also gets this
wrong (perhaps it's using tzdata?)

The official website is currently down, however this url still
accessible from google cache:

but the real url is:

The document states that GMT +7 (jakarta time) is Waktu Indonesia Barat
(WIB), GMT +8 is Waktu Indonesia Tengah (WITA), and GMT +9 is Waktu
Indonesia Timur (WIT).

Thank you!


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