Samoa DST postponed to 2010

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Wed Feb 24 13:53:00 UTC 2010

Does anyone have information on whether Samoa did or did not actually observe DST in 2009? Thanks for any light you can shed.


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The Samoan DST act reads (in part): "A daylight saving period declared under subsection (1)(c) shall start and end at a specified time that is between midnight on a Saturday and 6 a.m. on a Sunday." Does anyone have information on the hours when Samoa plans to turns its clocks forward and back?


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I'm wondering when the update below will be done in the tz database.  As 
of 2010b, the rule for Pacific/Apia is still  - 

Zone Pacific/Apia        12:33:04 -     LMT     1879 Jul  5
                        -11:26:56 -     LMT     1911
                        -11:30  -       SAMT    1950            # Samoa 
                        -11:00  -       WST     2009 Oct 4
                        -11:00  1:00    WSDT    2010 Mar 28
                        -11:00  -       WST


Steffen Thorsen <straen at> wrote on 10/16/2009 04:02:55 AM:

> We have been in contact with the government of Samoa again, and received 

> the following info:
> "Cabinet has now approved Daylight Saving to be effected next year 
> commencing from the last Sunday of September 2010 and conclude first 
> Sunday of April 2011."
> Background info:
> Samoa's Daylight Saving Time Act 2009 is available here, but does not 
> contain any dates:
> 20%202009%20%28English%29%20-%20Final%207-7-091.pdf
> Best regards,
> Steffen Thorsen -

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