Revisiting Australian time zone abbreviations

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As a fellow Aussie developer I too have faced this issue. We simply
display the name of of a capital city (Melbourne) on the site. The
general public probably do not understand the official abbreviations
anyhow, I know I don't.

Bill Birch

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I'm (trepidatiously) forwarding this message from Richard Stanway, who
is not on the time zone mailing list. Those of you who are on the list,
please direct replies appropriately.


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Subject: Revisiting Australian time zone abbreviations

I came across this mailing list while researching a time zone issue on
our website which indirectly makes use of the zoneinfo. We localize some
timestamps to the visitors time zone, but the site is trafficked by a
predominately US audience where the abbreviation "EST" is used quite
often. It is difficult for an Australian visitor to realize that the
times they are seeing have been localized since they show for example as
"8pm EST" due to the abbreviations used for the Australian time zones,
leading to confusion as to whether it is US EST or AU EST.

The last discussion on AEST vs EST seems to be about 9 years old and I
figured it was time to revisit the subject now that there seems to be an
official source. The government website of Australia states the time
zone names for Australia are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST),
Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) and Australian Western Standard
Time (AWST) with Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) and Australian
Central Daylight Time (ACDT) when observing daylight saving time.

Any chance of these official names making it into a zoneinfo update?

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