New time zone home (revisited)

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Wed Jun 30 00:46:40 UTC 2010

Exploration seems like a good idea to me; thanks.


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On 06/27/10 18:59, Sanjeev Gupta wrote:

> The guys run a decent infrastructure, and recently took over
> hosting (only) for the <> mailing
> lists.  They are a stable team, time-related, and neutral (AFAIK) on the
> political issues.

The NTP model is a good one, and is logically related to TZ.

More generally, there's the Internet Systems Consortium, which
hosts the NTP Public Services Project; see
<>.  I presume that we could
start a TZ Public Services Project that would run on similar
grounds.  There is a good connection between ISC's other projects
(notably DHCP) and the TZ database.

I can explore the possibilities there, if this seems
like a good idea to others.

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