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Please forward to the TZ list.  I am not on the list, so replies should
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Currently the database has:

# Ontario

# From Paul Eggert (2006-07-09):
# Shanks & Pottenger write that since 1970 most of Ontario has been like
# Toronto.
# Thunder Bay skipped DST in 1973.
# Many smaller locales did not observe peacetime DST until 1974;
# Nipigon (EST) and Rainy River (CST) are the largest that we know of.

In the (Toronto) Globe and Mail for Saturday, 1955-09-24, in the bottom
right corner of page 1, it says that Toronto will return to standard
time at 2 am Sunday morning (which agrees with the database), and that:

    The one-hour setback will go into effect throughout most of Ontario,
    except in areas like Windsor which remains on standard time all year.

Windsor is, of course, a lot larger than Nipigon.

I only came across this incidentally.  I don't know if Windsor began
observing DST when Detroit did, or in 1974, or on some other date.

By the way, the article continues by noting that:

    Some cities in the United States have pushed the deadline back
    three weeks and will change over from daylight saving in October.
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