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Here's an item for tz-art.htm: an exchange from the play "Inherit
the Wind" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee (filmed in 1960 with
Spencer Tracy as Drummond and Fredric March as Brady, and several
other times):

        A fine biblical scholar, Bishop Usher, has determined for
        us the exact date and hour of the Creation.  It occurred in
        the year 4004 B.C.
        That's Bishop Usher's opinion.
        It's not an opinion.  It is literal fact, which the good
        Bishop arrived at through careful computation of the ages
        of the prophets as set down in the Old Testament.  In fact,
        he determined that the Lord began the Creation on the 23rd
        of October in the Year 4004 B.C. at -- uh, at 9 A.M.!
        That Eastern Standard Time? (Laughter)  Or Rocky Mountain
        Time? (More laughter)  It wasn't daylight-saving time, was it?
        Because the Lord didn't make the sun until the fourth day!
   BRADY (Fidgeting)
        That is correct.
   DRUMMOND (Sharply)
        The first day.  Was it a twenty-four-hour day?
        The Bible says it was a day.
        There wasn't any sun.  How do you know how long it was?
   BRADY (Determined)
        The Bible says it was a day.
        A normal day, a literal day, a twenty-four-hour day?

After a few more lines, Brady admits he doesn't know, and Drummond
suggests that that "day" could have been 10 million years.

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