Russian time zone issue reported

Ilya Dogolazky ilya.dogolazky at
Tue May 25 04:54:49 UTC 2010

Hi !

It says: There is an official decision to use Moscow time in Samara 
region (in Russian)

But there is a petition against this decision, and they hope to undo it 
during the next summer->winter switch: "По мнению члена штаба "Самарское 
время", депутата губернской думы Михаила Матвеева, если количество 
подписей под петицией об отмене московского времени будет увеличиваться, 
то осенью у Самары есть шанс вернуть самарское время". But it's purely 
theoretical: usually Russian rulers don't care about the people's petitions.

According to this 
the Udmurtia region is now using Moscow time as well (Europe/Samara was 
in use in exactly two regions: Samara and Udmurtia). This link says "the 
amount of time zones in Russia is reduced from 11 to 9". I think you can 
assume, that Samara and Kamchatka zones are not existing any more.


Ilya Dogolazky
Maemo Devices

ext Gary Lasker wrote:
> Hello!
> I've been getting started maintaining tzdata for Ubuntu, and I wanted to
> check in with the list regarding an issue reported by an Ubuntu user in
> the following bug report (please refer to comment #16 posted by Guria:
> The comment from Guria is as follows:
> "Just looked at timezones more precisely. Unfortunately changes are
> wrong. In changed tz's was set only summer time, but winter time stays
> unchanged. This timezones doesn't exists already in fact. Europe/Samara
> is now exactly equal Europe/Moscow, Asia/Kamchatka is Asia/Magadan.
> Follow next link for details:
> Also, please don't forget to provide this info to upstream or other
> distributions."
> I'd appreciate it very much if somebody could review this statement to
> determine what, if any, action may be required.
> Thank you very much and please email me if there's anything further I
> can provide.  I'll be following responses on-list.
> Thanks again and best regards,
> Gary Lasker

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