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In 1994, I tested with TZ offsets of 720 hours.  This was on an SVR4 Unix
from Unisys, for an application where they wanted to test reminder
generation within the app.

I would set and export TZ, then start a shell, and run the application
inside it.

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> I'm forwarding this message from Honey Bajaj, who is not on the time zone
> mailing list. Those of you who are on the list, please direct replies
> appropriately.
> (On some systems, setting TZ to "GMT-48" may do what HB wants.)
>                                --ado
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> Subject: Timezone option
> Hi,
> I have a testing requirement which needs to alter the system date to a
> couple of days ahead of current date. I am wondering if its possible to have
> a custom timezone which can provide this date change ability to drift the
> current time to couple of days ahead by setting the TZ environment variable.
> Regards,
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