time zone database open questions

Arthur David Olson olsona at lecserver.nci.nih.gov
Thu Nov 4 18:49:10 UTC 2010

Here are the open time zone database questions I know of. Are the others?

1. Did all of Mexico's Baja California Norte use United States DST rules in
2010, or did only border areas use U.S. DST? What of other Mexican states on
the U.S. border?

2. How was DST handled in the West Bank and in Gaza in 2010? How was it
handled in previous years?

3. What's the accurate history of the change to use of Shanghai/Beijing time
in China?

4. Is there an acceptable way of handling present-day dual timekeeping in
Xinjiang, China without either losing track of past practices?

5. Did Windsor and other parts of Ontario, Canada use different DST rules
in the past? (See Mark Brader's communication at the end of this message.)


# From Mark Brader (2010-03-06):
# ...
# In the (Toronto) Globe and Mail for Saturday, 1955-09-24, in the bottom
# right corner of page 1, it says that Toronto will return to standard
# time at 2 am Sunday morning (which agrees with the database), and that:
#     The one-hour setback will go into effect throughout most of Ontario,
#     except in areas like Windsor which remains on standard time all year.
# Windsor is, of course, a lot larger than Nipigon.
# I only came across this incidentally.  I don't know if Windsor began
# observing DST when Detroit did, or in 1974, or on some other date.
# By the way, the article continues by noting that:
#     Some cities in the United States have pushed the deadline back
#     three weeks and will change over from daylight saving in October.

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