About China time zones

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Tue Oct 12 17:34:09 UTC 2010

Although folks in Xinjiang who use +8:00 could use Asia/Shanghai to handle current times, Xinjiang and Shanghai had different offsets before 1980.
Separate zones are needed for correct handling of pre-1980 time stamps.


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I might also say here that adding a new population center in Xinjiang  
that is UTC +8:00 to the tz database (as originally suggested in  
"first pass at Uyghur time" 2009.11.21)  is unnecessary and redundant  
(besides having other potential problems) because the population that  
uses +8:00 uses it precisely because they consider Beijing their  
center (which we, of course, call  Shanghai/Asia). :P

Just my opinion, of course. Once again, I'll accept "first pass" if it  
is to be the last pass.


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