Extension to tzcode to support additional timezones

lennox at cs.columbia.edu lennox at cs.columbia.edu
Wed Oct 27 15:57:26 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, October 27 2010, "Christos Zoulas" wrote to "tz at lecserver.nci.nih.gov, tz at elsie.nci.nih.gov, jhb at freebsd.org" saying:

> The second part of the discussion
> is how to deal with tm_zone. Do we document that if you tzfree() you are
> going to lose, or do we make it work using a string pool and thread locks?
> Or something else?

Remember that this means not only tm_zone per se, but also strftime("%Z"),
on systems which have tm_zone.

(On systems without tm_zone, as far as I can tell there's no way to get
strftime("%Z") correct for non-standard timezones, unless I'm overlooking

Jonathan Lennox
lennox at cs.columbia.edu

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