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Thank you for your reply and for having put my question in the mailing lists to which I will enjoy soon. 
The problem is that according to the downloaded version of the database on the Google site for updates http://code.google.com/p/tzdata/ in 1971 the time zone in Paris wasn't one hour ahead of UTC. 
Here is part of Paris file in XML version

- <period>
- <period>

Is that file correct ?


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Katia wrote:

> With regard to the time zone of Paris from 1945 to 1976 it results a
> strange data that conflicts over other resources credited as Shank,
> according to your database in 1971 the Time zone Paris was 0.

Sorry, I don't see that problem.  According to the tz database, the
time zone in Paris was one hour ahead of UTC during that period.  This
agrees with Shanks & Pottenger 2003 (ISBN 0-035127-88-7); I just now
checked my printed copy.  It also agrees with the Ephemerides
Astronomiques for 1998 from Bureau des Longitudes, according to email
that we received on 1997-12-12 from Denis Excoffier.  These two
sources disagree only about exactly when this long period of UTC+1 ended.
Shanks & Pottenger say that it ended on 1976-03-28 at 02:00 local
time, whereas Excoffier wrote that it ended at 00:00 UTC, i.e., at
01:00 local time.  Currently the tz database agrees with Excoffier,
but we always welcome any more-authoritative sources, such as reliable
newspapers published at the time.

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