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Thanks for forwarding the ".ws" note; it may be the best evidence so far.


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> Can anyone with boots on the ground tell us what actually happened with clock
> changes over the  weekend in Samoa? Thanks.

In the last couple of weeks I got, with my FreeBSD tzdata maintainer hat on,
a couple of emails from people in Samoa asking me how to update their
system with regarding to the upcoming DST change on 26 

From: "Atsuo Sakuma (BSI)" <atsuo.sakuma at>
Subject: Re: Samoa Starts Day Light Saving
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Now we start Day Light Saving on 26th Sep 2010.
This supposed to start last year but we got Tsunami and postpone to
the date above mentioned.

Atsuo Sakuma
Bear Systems International Ltd.

Hope this helps,

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