FW: Pending changes to time of Newfoundland Time Zone for Daylight Savings Time

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I'm forwarding this message from Michael Pelley, who is not on the time zone mailing list. Those of you who are on the list, please direct replies appropriately.

Once we learn that the proclamation has been issued, the changes should up at ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub about two weeks later.
>From there propagation depends on database users.


From: Pelley, Michael [mailto:MPelley at gov.nl.ca] 
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Subject: Pending changes to time of Newfoundland Time Zone for Daylight Savings Time


The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador has pending changes to modify the hour for daylight savings time to come into effect in November 2011.  This modification would change the time from 12:01AM to 2:00AM on the dates of the switches of Daylight Savings Time to/from Standard Time.

As a matter of reference, in Canada provinces have the authority of setting time zone information.  The legislation has passed our legislative body (“The House of Assembly”) and is awaiting the proclamation to come into effect.  You may find this information at: http://www.assembly.nl.ca/legislation/sr/lists/Proclamation.htm and search within that web page for “Standard Time (Amendment) Act”.  The Act may be found at: http://www.assembly.nl.ca/business/bills/Bill1106.htm

We would appreciate if we could receive some guidance as to:
• The official mechanism for implementing this change;
• The timeframe for the implementation of the change within the TZ sources.

Thank you.



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